Dolphins are the most popular species among marine animals. The starting point of the dolphins carreer we find in Greek mythology, as ‚angel of the sea‘ it is saving lifes and also embodies the love and gentleness of feminity, to mention only two big points on its hit list during the last centuries. ‚As a shamanic power animal it represents joy, harmony and vitality, more than this it is also a symbol of love and healing . If the dolphin appears in your life, it is a symbol for happiness and positive changes.´ (Anke Junginger: 
These extravagante ‚Jump out‘ earrings in art deco style, made of Sardonica conche,white Diamond baguettes , pearls and light grey topazes will bring love and joy into your life. As more than 300 000 whales and dolphins are dying yearly as bycatch in nets of fishery or as a result of plastic pollution the donation of ‘ jump out‘ will be dedicated to a special rescue project in this field.