Mermaid swimming in the Ocean Sea with Fish and Turtles

Meerglanz on a Mission

The creation of my Meerglanz jewelry is my heart's project. In it I am able to immerse myself, like all artists and „be with myself".  Furthermore, it is important to me that people should be aware of the special situation of the oceans and the silken thread on which the balance of our water planet and all beings living on it is dependent. 

This is why I have been supporting Greenpeace's commitment since 2016 as a chaperone of the sea. In 2019 I began to intensively engage with the work of Paul Nicklen and Christina Mittermeier and their Ocean Rescue project SeaLegacy. Sea Legacy is a Canadian non-profit society: “…It combines decades of experience in conservation, photography and communications, with the largest digital and social technologies, to build a healthy future for our oceans. Centered around extraordinary visual storytelling, our approach to impact has three steps: 1. Expeditions, 2. Campaigns, 3. Solutions” 

As I am convinced by their commitment and project approach, I am donating this organization. In 2020 SeaLegacy and the new platform Only One came together to empower their engagement to protect our ocean, our planet, and each other under the umbrella organization ONLY ONE„The Only One platform is a new home for stories, solutions, and community action to protect the ocean, tackle climate crisis, and help fuel the movement for a more just, equitable planet…”Becoming a member of Only One I find Ocean projects all over the world, worth to be supported.

My new Rescue Collection is dedicated to Ocean Rescue Projects.
y purchasing these jewels you will support selected rescue initiatives.

I call it


Best wishes
Your Katrin Ollech