The Walk

The Walk

Every artist has their personal heroes. Since I am passionate about photography, my heart beats for the life's work of extraordinary photographers. My heroes are the legendary National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen and the revolutionary fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh. 

With his apparently coincidental black and white photographs in reportage style Lindbergh is bringing haute couture to the streets. His models are tangible, as if they were captured by the camera in an unobserved moment, randomly dressed in Dior & co., hurrying across a crosswalk in Manhattan's rush hour… This kind of photography fascinates, because of its ease and expression. “Just normal”, but as we know, meticulously planned and staged by Lindbergh. That’s why I have been living with the idea of doing a similar photoshoot for a long time. 




I wanted to try something different, other than showing my jewels in classic photography. And so, I met a colorful team, that had never worked together like this before, on a summer Saturday in September in Prenzlauer Berg (Berlin-Mitte). Our day starts with a walk to the bakery, portraying our model Sophie, wearing my Summer Wind Earrings”.


Why Summer Wind? As shoulder dusters with a length of 9 cm and a wonderful color mix of turquoise and pink, these earrings are very extravagant. Because of their double-setting you can see pink tourmalines shining on the back as well. You might think “I can't go for fresh bread and buns in the morning while wearing these earrings…” - but you can!  An easy-going earring: extravagant, eye-catching, following every movement.  You can even hop happily over the Berlin cobblestones, as you see.

In the afternoon we change the look. The sun is shining as Sophie strolls across the “Weinberg” quarter visiting “Ben & Jerry's” to grab an ice-cream. Wearing my summery St. Tropez earrings. In combination with a biker jacket and a tulle-skirt they form a very extravagant outfit.


Then we cross to the Gorki apartments. This aparthotel has wonderful rooms. Each furnished differently, but every room shows the typical Berlin Style. However, we choose the inner courtyard and the fire stairs as our shooting locations. The scenery is somehow reminiscent of the times during the Cold War. 

Et voilà we are combining the outfit with my “Frozen Sunrise Earrings and Spy glasses. On Rosenthaler Platz, we attract the attention of pedestrians…some stop and watch us with interest. 



Crossing the crowded Rosenthaler Street, we head towards the Amano Hotel. We've been on our feet for about eight hours now. Drinks for the whole team and some more photographs at this final setting.

A very last wonderful shot of Sophie wearing the upcycled Akoyapearl necklace “Sternenklar” and the “Great Barrier Reef Ring”





A big thank you to the whole team:
Concept and Projectmanagement: Stella G.-Poku
Model: Sophie Hilgenböker
Hair: Fatima M. York 
Make-Up: Jade Junalyn 
Photography: Djamel Kramcha 

Katrin Ollech