upcycling jewels with purple gemstones

Upcycling Jewels: Old Treasures in a Brand New Look


 "A beautiful amethyst, once bequeathed by  a grandmother to her beloved granddaughter, is doomed to a shadowy existence in the jewelry box ..."



One day, I am talking to a friend of mine. She wants to sell an old gemstone, as she cannot imagine ever wearing it. There it lies in front of me… a family treasure in deep purple, radiating drama and passion... "Let me think about it ", is my first comment.  An idea is growing in my mind… I want to give this beautiful gemstone a contemporary sustainability update. The first sketches have been made, when two weeks later the ‘perfect’ white coral branch crosses my path. “Out of the Blue”, a unique pendant is born. Meanwhile it has become my friend's favorite piece of jewelry.


 1. given material: old purple gemstone - 2. first sketches - 3. final jewel


May I invite you too to consider an "upcycling" of your old jewels, those pieces that have not been worn for a long time? The precious metals, stones and pearls of your treasures can be reused. I take the existing parts of old gold or remelt them into another gold alloy. Gemstones can be evaluated, polished and if necessary reground. Pearls can be cleaned, damaged pearls removed if necessary and by adding refined style elements, your pearl necklace will acquire a new look. The creation of my long chain "Sternenklar" is an example of that. 

Necklace Sternenklar 

The beginning of your new treasure is the development of its design. First of all we will talk about your wishes and preferences. Various designs can be proposed. Using 3D technology it is possible to generate various views of the finished piece of jewelry as well as a three-dimensional print of the object. All the partners in my network, from gemstone cutters and setters to goldsmiths are specialists in their field. Once the first draft has been completed, I will create an offer for you, which will then be discussed in detail.

The result is a unique jewel designed and adapted to your individual wishes. It will carry loving memories, your personal story and your signature. Together we value and use to advantage the extraction of precious stones and metals from the past and by upcycling them we also protect the remaining resources of our planet.

 If you have a treasure just waiting to be rediscovered found, I look forward to hearing from you.

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