Born under the zodiac sign of Pisces, the gift of creativity and phantasy were laid in my crib. My artistic roots and my immense love of the sea have continued to grow with me. As a child I dream of being the little mermaid, as a girl, in my imagination, I board the Nautilus of Jules Verne and dive 20.000 miles under the sea. As a teenager I see myself exploring the seas and their biodiversity alongside Jacques-Yves Cousteau. For the next thirty years however my life took a different course, it was factual, mathematical, logistically orientated in supply chain management.
Throughout these years an inherent longing remained with me, that one day I would create something of value and beauty which would lead me back to the sea and its magic.

2015 the time has come: I begin to rewrite the story of the Little Mermaid. In my story too, the little mermaid goes ashore and finds her prince.They are blessed with happiness, but she misses the water, the glorious pearls, the corals and the precious stones from her father´s palace. All over the world she searches for those places of her longing, but she is unable to rediscover her home, it lies too deep in the ocean. So she decides to transform her desires and dreams into pieces of jewelry and it makes her happy to hold her fantasy of the sea in her own hands.

Meerglanz is born! 
Meerglanz are unique jewels, each telling a story of longing.
My roots, my love and my creativity are wrapped in a glittering garment, within which each Meerglanz customer may discover her own story of the sea.Using glorious pearls, corals, conches, mother-of-pearl, precious stones in all the colours of the rainbow, diamonds and hand-carved artisan ornaments with sea themes small works of art with an unmistakable signature are created.
It is the love for detail, the contradiction of my character looking for harmony paired with tension-filled breaks in style. And when artistry and Italian joie de vivre are added to this, a narrative entirety is created and we return to the beginning of everything, the sea.

Meerglanz - the sensual answer to our time!