The Story of the Six Rings

The Story of the Six Rings

This year I want to give my customers a voice and tell the stories around their personal pieces of jewelry. Birgit Gräfin Tyszkiewicz will start with her story about 6 rings. 


Once upon a time, there was a little girl, that’s me. She lived in a big house with red bricks and a huge garden behind. She had short brown hair like a boy and was wearing trousers most of the time. But she had six rings at each hand - at least that made her feel good and beautiful like a princess. Quite often, she was lying in the green grass looking up to the sky with it’s white clouds looking like fable creatures, going from West to East, and sometimes the other way round.

And then suddenly, it happened: The girl lost one of her rings.
You have to know that these rings were very precious and expensive, since they come from the chewing-gum machine next to the old grocery store. The girl worked hard for them with being nice, washing up the dishes, cleaning her room … and all kinds of things. Now, one ring was gone, her favourite, the one with the ruby, like queens and princesses are wearing. While she was trying to come over her anger, she had the idea of throwing away another ring. Maybe it will fall in the same place as the first one. And indeed, this is what happened, both were lying side-by-side. Satisfied and almost proud of herself she fell back into the warm and good smelling grass. Now she got the clue and the secret of lost and found. If you lose one thing, you have to throw the other one behind. So you can win back both.

Exuberantly, she twirled her hands through the air as if she wanted to play with the clouds and challenge fate in the process. Suddenly, one of the six rings came off her finger again, without her noticing it right away. No big deal. She knew how to find it again and immediately threw the next one after it. This time a little carelessly. High it flew and above all far. She jumped up to look for it. But she did not find it. And so this ring, and the first one remained missing.

A little displeased, she hurled the third ahead and ran after him. Yes, do the rings want to annoy her and hide under the grasses? - "Hello, you rings, where are you!" Again and again the girl turned around her own axis, knelt down, carefully pushed the green blades of grass to the side and ran after them.
Should she also sacrifice the rings who were left? Of course, that was the law, her law. In quick succession she threw the remaining three rings over the meadow, the turquoise one, the dark blue one, the one with the golden star. And then she went searching again. Her mother shouted something over from the terrace. The girl didn't even look up, panic filled her, tears welled up in her eyes so she couldn't see anything properly. All the rings they were gone, just gone! Her mother helped her, slightly annoyed, but she too found nothing.

Surely the father would find the rings when he will cut the lawn later. Now it’s time for dinner, she said. I wonder if he forgot about the rings while he was cutting his circles with the mowing machine. He looked like that, absent-minded, as if he didn't care. The girl was watching him from upstairs in her room, with brushed teeth and in her pyjamas.

For all adults, the fairy tale ends badly, because the six rings never reappeared, the experiment did not become a physical law. The girl has become a woman and is no longer wearing six rings at the same time, but only one, the "Gezeitenring" of Meerglanz, and she takes care of it for the rest of her life.
Story by  Birgit Gräfin Tyszkiewicz