PRODUCT STORY "Antarctica"

"As a photographer I am trained to take pictures. Relentless in this pursuit, I have learned over the years how to make images regardless of the emotions pouring through me. Yet, in the face of such vital and trusting ecosytem, I was so overcome with emotion that I put my camera down. I walked up a small ridgeline and looked out over 200 000 king penguins just as the morning light had begun to highlight the colourful accents of their feathers. I just stood there, allowing the most powerful scene I ever witnessed to permanent imprint itself in my brain.“ (Paul Nicklen: Born to Ice). This wonderful luminating moment is captured in the Antarctica artwork earrings: Penguin Cameos made of Mother of Pearl, surrounded by 160 Diamonds, Moonstone and Rose Quartz. Set in 18k Rose Gold. By purchasing jewels from my Rescue collection, I am donating to dedicated Ocean projects. 
For more information visit: "Meerglanz on a Mission"