"Creativity is when you come up with something when you see something."
-Gerhard Uhlenbruck-

The first time I saw these beautiful South Sea Pearls I fell in love immediately. During the next 2 years I took them in my hands to get an idea for many times, no chance! One day I saw a picture of the legendary Baron Munchhausen riding the canonnball, and 'click', there it was: 2 little Octopussies riding South Sea pearls instead of cannonballs. Now I asked my friend Vincenzo to help me, 2 little Octopussies were created, beautifully handcarved from Corniola,together with some additional Fresh Water Pearls and blue Topazes: DEEP SEA RIDE became reality! Sometimes it needs more time to create what you want, but suddenly the solution will appear in a moment, you do not expect!