Can you imagine feeling blue by too much blue around you?
While driving on the East Coast Highway No 1 from Key Largo to Key West, I am overwhelmed by the shades of crystal blue water and blue sky around. Driving on the Seven Mile Bridge I understand now that this part of the Highway No 1 is called ‚The Highway That Goes to Sea‘. While cruising along the highway Elton John is singing ‚Blue Eyes‘… I think of Ernest Hemingway and Pauline Pfeiffer. Did they have blue eyes too? Maybe as blue as their swimming pool in Key West, 1931 this pool has been built for the spectacular amount of 20 000 Dollars. Did they feel happy and blue??? Ernest is free now and Pauline at least has got the man of her desire. Their beautiful house in Key West, colonial Style, is a generous wedding gift by Uncle Gustavus Pfeiffer. Pauline well known as a fashion reporter for Vogue is styling their home perfectly while Ernest is loving deep sea fishing. Both are fascinated of the deep blue sea around and the flair of an American St.Tropez ‚for the poor‘ Ernest is joking. Between 1928 and 1939 2 sons are born and Hemingway is writing some of his most famous books in Key West , before inspired by his new love affair Martha Gellhorn, he is leaving Pauline and Key West forever. No Happy End… We do not know: Pauline never married again still loving him and Ernest wrote about her death: I loved her very much for many years… even with her faults…May be in their actual lifes they are swimming together in a pool, just feeling blue.