PRODUCT STORY "La Reine de Tahiti"

Tahiti is part of one of the most beautiful areas in the world: French Polynesia Islands, located in the South Pacific Region. We all remember the wonderful paintings of Paul Gauguin. The Reine earrings are dedicated to the culture of Pearls and the fascinating biodiversity of this part of the South Pacific Ocean.
The Tahitipearls, centerpieces of these earrings, are engraved by local polynesian artists, showing traditional maori motives. The Beryll Stones come along in different shades of green, the Zircons nature coloured coconut brown and golden Moonstones accompanied by champagne Diamonds. All elements are set in 18k Yellow Gold. By purchasing jewels from my Rescue collection, I am donating to dedicated Ocean projects. For more information visit: "Meerglanz on a Mission"