PRODUCT STORY "Ocean Planet"

My creative work always starts out of my heart…in the beginning I may have an idea based on a special gemstone, pearl, artwork or a picture of a landscape or a memory of a fading moment. This time the process started with the dolphins. They have been staying in my stock waiting for the right moment to step into the spotlight. Many times I put them back into the box until the day I found these wonderful green nature coloured Tahitian pearls. As well as the dolphins they have a character, as they are not smooth and highly polished on the surface, but wearing the marks of their growth: looking a bit like a planet…The moment of creating Ocean Planet has come… The dolphins represent the biodiversity of our oceans, the Tahitian Pearls symbolize our planet, the pink sapphires the carelessness of the human beings concerning the resources of our planet and the chrysoprase represents our hope and focus to lead all to a happy end. By purchasing jewels from my Rescue collection, I am donating to dedicated Ocean projects. For more information visit: "Meerglanz on a Mission"