PRODUCT STORY "Splish Splash"

One of my favorite places in Mallorca is the “Portixol Hotel”. 1999 redesigned as the first Boutiquehotel on the island it became one of our favorite locations. Excellent dining beside the typical Palma‘s City vibes: Located at the small harbor of Portixol with a view to the sea and the sunset. The outside dining area for the evening is partly located on the pool terrace and there are some tables nearby the pool, but it is not a typical pool area, it is stylish and reminds oneself of a Cruise deck. One evening, I confess, we had a great dinner and a bit more wine than usual, I had a dream: We were dining beside the pool, the terrace was fully occupied, I want to leave our table and clink with the waiter, who is coming along with a fully packed tablet… what shall I say… we both -including the meals and drinks fell into the pool: Splish Splash, this sound is still in my ear!
Splish Splash Earrings make me feel happy, it was only a dream!