PRODUCT STORY "Super Mom & Super Dad"

I remember my little daugther, for the first three years of her life the most important fellow was a small stuffed penguin (it would have been more years, but unfortunately she lost him one day). ‚Pingu‘ accompanied her 24 hrs a day, she could not sleep or eat without him and he had to swim in the bath tub as well.
Of course penguins in common are a very sympathetic species, but I have never been aware about their personality in detail. So did you know this: „An incredible amount of responsibility, dedication, and devotion are required to raise a single emperor penguin chick. It takes a full-time effort on behalf of both parents- one goes out to sea to hunt food for the baby, and the other stays behind to keep it warm and safe. The love a parent expresses for their child is one of our most powerful emotions, but it is also on display in abundance amongst the emperor penguin colonies of Antarctica.“ (Paul Nicklen about his fine art print parenthood)
My art work earring Super Mom & Super Dad is dedicated to these wonderful animals and to all human parents loving their children. The Centerpiece of the art work Cameo made of Sardonica Conch is showing a colony of penguins breeding and waiting for the other parent returning with the food.
It is surrounded by pink Sapphires, pink Opal and Rodolite,representing heartwarming emotions in frozen surroundings.
By purchasing jewels from my Rescue collection, I am donating to dedicated Ocean projects. 
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